Louisiana Elementary School
500 Haley Ave , Louisiana Missouri
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Together we achieve excellence!

Welcome to Louisiana Elementary School


At Louisiana Elementary School, the teachers and support staff are excited to welcome approximately 370 students and their families to our school. We have a dedicated staff that truly cares about each and every student. We are proud to provide a pre-kindergarten through fifth grade educational program, which is challenging, enriching and designed to develop the potential of students at their individual level. At Louisiana Elementary, we are committed to creating a learning environment in which students develop respect, responsibility, organizational skills and citizenship as they experience the success and joy of learning.
We know that we cannot be successful without the support and encouragement of the parents of our students. Please make every effort to meet the teachers and staff who work at Louisiana Elementary and become involved in your child’s school activities and learning. By working together, we can help your child achieve success and ensure a shining future for all of our students.

Yours in education,
Stacy Hamlett, Principal


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